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The mundane skill that makes you stand out as a software engineer

One of the best things about being a Principal Engineer at Mailchimp is the time I get to spend chatting with other engineers who are earlier on in their professional journey. After two years, I’ve talked to quite a few, and at one point or another, almost all of them ask me how they can develop their career.

“Be dependable”

When you’re a junior engineer, you probably have one or two tasks at any given time, and usually they’re on just one project. But as you take on more leadership, you tend to take on more scope — bigger problems, larger projects, more moving parts. Pretty soon you’re largely delivering your outcomes through other people, and you might be trying to coordinate multiple teams, groups, or projects simultaneously. You have more to worry about, and less direct control.

Ex-gaijin, kangaroo-loving software simian from Merrie England, building @Mailchimp and @Pinian. Formerly @Medium and @StumbleUpon.

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